The following town boards and town committees have open seats where you can serve:

Architectural Review Board - 3 year term

1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2023

Town Housing Board - 3 year term

1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2022

1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2022

If you are interested in serving please send a letter to Maria Hlushko, Town Clerk at mhlushko@northsalemny.org or call her office at 914-669-5333. You can see more about these positions on the town website, northsalemny.org. Just choose "Boards and Committees" and click on the appropriate one.

From the Desk of Katherine Daniels:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Happy New Year! I have now served on the North Salem Town Board for a full year and I wanted to bring you all up to speed on some major accomplishments.

As promised, the Town Board established the Climate Smart Community Leadership Team, which has been hard at work analyzing the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions and figuring out how to reduce emissions, protect the environment and public health and save the Town money. Please visit our page on the Town website to learn more. The cooperation I have enjoyed from my fellow Board members and especially Warren Lucas in this area has been fantastic. more

Also as promised, the Town Board has formed a Capital Planning Committee tasked with formalizing capital planning for the Town. The plan will provide a permanent foundation for budgeting, planning and maintenance and a mechanism to facilitate the transfer knowledge and information to future administrators and boards.

The Town, under the leadership of the Planning Board, also began to formally create a master plan for Croton Falls. The residents will be surveyed to determine what they want. Eventually, the plan may include the creation of a new sewer district and other improvements to vitalize the town center depending upon the results of the survey.

This one was not even on my radar last year, but the Town purchased the Schoolhouse at 3 Owens Road in Croton Falls. This historic building is home to the Schoolhouse Theater, which will continue to operate there. The building will also serve as the home for the North Salem Recreation Department and as a senior center. It was a great opportunity for the Town and we jumped on it.

More generally, the Town Board has operated in a politically balanced and fiscally responsible manner with the needs of the community at the forefront of every decision we make.

As we embark on a new year, I have resolved to ask myself this question every day: What you can do today to help protect our town? I challenge you to ask yourself the same question.

Our answers will undoubtedly vary. To me, the most important thing we can do is make a commitment to vote -- in every election not for candidates who seek to further their own agenda or exclusively the interests of their own party but for candidates who have a broader vision and are firmly committed to democratic principles and an open Town government that is responsive to the needs of the community as a whole.

Joining local organizations like the North Salem Democratic Committee and the North Salem Democratic Club is a great way to engage with people who care. In addition, the Town of North Salem has a host of committees and boards that would welcome new members – regardless of political party or persuasion. These committees and boards give neighbors an opportunity to work together to resolve issues rather than argue or complain about them on social media. You could also volunteer to be an election-day worker or to drive elderly voters to the polls on election day. Volunteering to work on local campaigns is always greatly appreciated. You might even consider running for office yourself!

I am firmly resolved to help you engage in any way I can. If you have any questions about how to get more involved, please call me at 914-669-6743 or send me an email at kdaniels@northsalemny.org. If I don’t know the answers, I will put you in touch with someone who does.



From the Desk of Martin Aronchick:

January 24, 2022

As I start my third year on the Town Board I’d like to let everyone know what I’ve accomplished so far and what projects I will be working on in the immediate future.

My legal background has given me a wealth of experience in government service. In my current position as a Managing Director with K2 Integrity LLC, I advise our government clients on integrity and compliance issues. On our Town Board, I have scrutinized each of the many contracts that the Town enters into, looking for ways to protect the Town’s interests. I wrote a new Ethics code, to safeguard the Town’s integrity, and a new Social Media policy, to promote transparency.

Among my priorities going forward are promoting Croton Falls; protecting the Town’s environment; preserving the Town’s unique historical character; creating new opportunities for recreation; and supporting the Town’s fine police department. more

To achieve these purposes, I am the Town Board’s liaison to the Committee drafting the master plan for the Croton Falls Hamlet; the Town Board’s liaison to the Conservation Advisory Committee, the Recreation Committee and the Historic Preservation Commission, and one of the leaders of the Town Task Force that reviewed the procedures and policies of the Town Police Department and made recommendations for its betterment.

Currently, I am drafting a policy and procedure for the use of our Town properties for public events. Perhaps you visited the pocket park in Croton Falls last June for the arts festival that was held there. (Hopefully, you enjoyed the music that my jazz duo played at that event!) We need to adopt a policy that encourages and regulates such events, and I have taken on that job.

I enjoy my service on the Town Board. We conduct the Town’s business in a civil, non-partisan and effective manner. The most important task that we are confronting is protection of North Salem’s rural character and open spaces, while keeping our taxes down and our property values up. I will continue to be a strong advocate who will protect North Salem from over development.

It is of paramount importance that the Town Board fulfill the wishes and goals of the entire community – its residents, property owners and business operators – in everything we do. I draw on my knowledge of the Town’s affairs from my Town Board service and from my participation in local civic groups to accomplish these goals. But I need your help. Please contact me at 914-276-0212 (my home phone) or at maronchick@northsalemny.org (my Town email) or at mnrj@optonline.net (my home email) to share your ideas about what the Town should be doing or if otherwise you wish to speak to me about any aspect of Town business.

The Town needs your help as a volunteer as well. The diverse array of Town committees provides a means of getting involved in the Town’s affairs in a manner that appeals to your specific interests. Please contact me if you wish to explore being a Town volunteer.

It is a privilege to serve as a Town Councilman, and I thank the voters of North Salem for giving me the opportunity to do so!

Martin C. Aronchick