North Salem Democratic Club

President: Pat Carey,, 914-669-5013

Vice President: Laurie Goodman,

Treasurer: Peg Towers,


Member-at-Large: Nancy Stamm,

Member-at-Large: Cynthia Curtis,

Member-at-Large: Bob McGee,

In accordance with ARTICLE II of the North Salem Democratic Club, the purposes of the club shall be

a. To provide a strong, honest and active Democratic organization in the Town of North Salem;

b. To encourage the participation of all Democrats in the affairs of their party and to encourage the enrollment in the Democratic Party of persons who subscribe to its principles;

c. To stimulate the interest of all citizens in the affairs of the Town of North Salem and to provide a vehicle for their participation in said affairs;

d. To seek and recommend candidates of ability and integrity for public office, both elected and appointed; and

e. To support the candidates endorsed by the North Salem Democratic Town Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Democratic Town Committee").