GOVERNMENT *elected officials                        

*Supervisor Warren Lucas office 914-669-5110

*Deputy Supervisor Peter Kamenstein cell 914-954-6584

*Councilwoman Katherine Daniels cell 914-886-8198

*Councilman Brent Golisano home 914-669-5617

*Councilman Martin Aronchick cell 917-596-0347

*Town Clerk Maria Hlushko direct 914-862-5333

Deputy Town Clerk Andrea Ekizian office 914-669-5577

*Highway Supt. Ward Hanaburgh office 914-669-5310

Deputy Supt. James DePaoli office 914-669-5310

Highway Asst, S. Gayle Soto office 914-669-5310

Town Assessor Karen Futia direct 914-862-5334

Assessment Clerk Alexia Vassiliou office 914-669-5214

Building Inspector Jim Duhigg direct 914-862-5335

Asst Building Inspector - Scott Parker direct 914-862-5336

Building Secretary Rosemary James office 914-669-5952

*Tax Receiver Karen Roach direct 914-862-5177

Tax Clerk Vicki Giacchetto office 914-669-5177

*Justice Dan Seymour office 914-669-9691

*Justice John Aronian office 914-669-9691

Court Clerk Susan Koch office 914-669-9691

Recreation Lauren Rosasco office 914-669-5783

Recreation Asst Colleen Casale office 914-669-5665

Town Historian Susan Thompson office 914-669-8459

Dog Control Officers

    Patricia Gallagher cell 914-879-4246

    Debbie Kilcullen cell 914-582-0403                    


Architectural Review, chair

Secretary, Jennifer Santis office 914-669-0245

Assessment Review, chair

Secretary, Jennifer Santis office 914-669-0245

Climate Smart, Katherine Daniels cell 914-886-8198

Comprehensive Plan, John White, chair cell 914-772-3717

Conservation Advisory, Couri Leuschner, co-chair office 914-669-0245

Conservation Adv, Virginia Connolly, co-chair office 914-669-0245

Housing, Anthony Navarro, chair home 914-356-3461

Historic Preservation, Gail Pantezzi, chair home 914-669-5247

Historic Preservation, Debby Moore, vice-chair home 914-277-3871

Planning Board, Cynthia Curtis, chair direct 914-669-4393

Planning Secretary, Dawn Onufrik office 914-669-5661

Recreation Committee, Lauren Rankel, co-chair cell 646-824-6498

Recreation Committee, John Varachi, co-chair home 914-669-8702

Zoning, Brian Ivanhoe, chair office 914-669-0245

Zoning Secretary, Jennifer Santis office 914-669-0245

EMERGENCY SERVICES 911 for real emergencies Fire 914-277-3333

Office of Emergency Management anytime 914-669-5464

Kurt Guldan  

Tom Howley, chief office 914-669-5540

Andrew Brown, lieutenant

Neil Caputo, lieutenant

Fire District, Marian Falk,  secty website: office 914-669-5544

Jeffery Daday, chief office 914-276-0627

Croton Falls Fire Station office 914-277-3870

Ambulance, Kurt Guldan, president  office 914-277-4944


Town Emergency Office                       


North Salem: website: office 914-669-5414

    Kurt Guldan, Board President

    Duncan Wilson, Superintendent

Katonah-Lewisboro:  website: office 914-763-7003

    Marjorie Schiff, Board President

    Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent


American Legion Post 1866

Andy Sandor home 914-276-2027

Books on Wheels, Pat Carey home 914-669-5013

Bridle Trails, Charlotte Harris and home 914-669-3883

Katherine Daniels, co-presidents website: cell 914-886-8198

Chamber of Commerce

Dorcas Society, Muriel Bisulca home 914-669-5662

F.I.S.H., Kathleen Sullivan home 914-669-5082

Fish & Game, Mark Weigle, president cell 914-588-2203

Foundation For Learning, 

Mark Halstead, president

Goldens Bridge Hounds

Cindy Feureisen, secretary website: 914-419-2769

Hammond Museum website: office 914-669-5033

Elizabeth Hammer, Executive Director

Historical Society

   Mary Ellen LaRocca, president website: 914-274-7206

Improvement Society

   Cynthia Curtis, co-president website: 914-274-7206

Library, Cathleen Sulli, director 914-669-5161

Library Board, Virginai Connolly, board website:

Lions Club, Robert Loeb, president  home 914-669-9843

website:  northsalemlionsclub

Open Land Foundation office 914-669-5860

John Baker, executive director website:

PQ PTO, Karen Proctor, president

MS PTO, Jen Decina, president

Senior Citizens, Jinx Remson, president

Muriel Bisulca, secretary home 914-669-5662

Somers/North Salem/Lewisboro Nutrition office 914-232-0807

Booster Club,  Lynn Zoubok and

Robin Sandor, co chairs

Boy Scouts (inactive)

Girl Scouts, 

North Salem Lacrosse, Jack Shaughnessy website:  northsalemyouthlacrosse

AYSO Soccer, Chris Werlau

Baseball/Softball Ass, Scott Schaeffer, registration

North Salem Soccer Club 

Mary Beth Collura, registration


Croton Falls, 8 Front Street 914-277-1427

North Salem, 60 June Road 914-669-8471

Purdys, 3 Main Street 914-276-0631


Croton Falls Community Church 914-277-4006

    Pastor Timothy C. Wagner

St. James Episcopal Church 914-669-5563

     The Reverend Judy Ferguson

St. Joseph's Catholic Church website: 914-232-2910

    Rev. John M. Lagiovane, Pastor

United Methodist Church-Purdys