Elected Officials

Your Democratic Elected Officials:


Tax Receiver Karen Roach kroach@northsalemny.org  914-669-5177 (tax office)

 Karen Roach

Karen and her husband Tom have lived in North Salem for over twenty years and raised their sons Tom and John here.  Karen serves on state and county tax receiver associations.  She has been chair of the Board of Assessment Review and co-chair of the town public forums.  She is active with the North Salem boy scouts, the Lions Club and the North Salem League.  Under Karen's initiative the tax office has become more efficient and cost-effective, resulting in $2.6million in reclaimed tax liens.  Karen has a four year term that will expire in 2017.

Martin Aronchick
Martin is currently serving a one year term on the Town Board on a seat vacated by Steve Bobolia when he was sworn is as a local judge.  Martin was just sworn in on January 1 and we expect he will give us an update on pending issues.  Martin's platform included many items that he worked on in 2015 when he held a one-year seat.

•  Checks and Balances and Transparency:  Martin believes in open discussion, debate and ultimately consensus that better represents all points of view -- checks and balances at work.

•  Social Media:   Martin drafted policies to eliminate abuses and protect your privacy in the town’s use of email, facebook, twitter, and other social media. They remain unadopted.  

•  Community Involvement:  Martin spearheaded the preparation of a comprehensive vision plan for Camp Hemlock at Mountain Lakes Camp to engage as many residents as possible. 

•  Contract Provisions:  Martin revamped town contract provisions to eliminate potential waste and liabilities

•  Long-Range Financial Plan:  Martin stressed the need to develop a complete, long-range, financial plan for both capital improvements and maintenance of town owned facilities - much beyond the short-term planning done annually.

•  Code of Ethics:  Martin stressed the need to bring the town into compliance with the filing of conflict of interest disclosure statements and updating our outdated code of ethics. 

•  Local Businesses:  Martin coordinated efforts with the business sector to maintain the hamlet of Croton Falls as an attractive and inviting place.

As an attorney Martin has spent most of his career in public service, giving him a wealth of experience in directing the affairs of government agencies with complicated missions.  He is currently managing director at Thacher Assocs, LLC.

Martin, his wife Nancy and their children Russel and Jackie moved to North Salem over 14 years ago.  Martin  is a jazz guitarist and plays frequently in town to support fundraisers and events.  As an avid volunteer with a wide range of activities, Martin has a first-hand feel for what North Salem residents of all ages want.

Volunteer Fireman
Volunteer EMT
Trustee/past president Historical Society
Member Comprehensive Plan Committee
Member Town Open Space Committee
Volunteer Open Land Foundation
Ass’t Scout Master Troop #1
North Salem Lion

Martin:  914-276-0212 (home) or email him at mnrj@optonline.net.