This year Martin Aronchick, councilman, is running unopposed for his seat on the town board.  At long last Martin will have a well-deserved four-year term.  Also running, unopposed, is Karen Roach, our receiver of taxes.  Congratulations to both for jobs well done!

A note from Martin:

It is critical to keep taxes stable and maintain the current level of services.  As the budget process commences I hope to work closely with Supervisor Lucas and the board to see that priority items are properly funded while keeping taxes within the cap. While this annual process may seem mundane to some it actually is more and more challenging for your elected officials to "keep the balance."

Here are some of the current issues that the town has on its agenda and some of the items that have been completed.

Town Ethics Code:  Martin has taken the lead on updating the existing 40-year old code.  In the latest TapIntoNorthSalem Martin is quoted as saying, "“This, of course, is not something I’m suggesting because I think there’s an ethics problem in North Salem.  It’s something I think we collectively should do to show that we care about compliance and ethics.”  It appears that the board is united in working with Martin to make the necessary updates.

Building Department:  If you haven't already done so, stop by the newly renovated building department on town hall campus.  New signs have been made for each of the buildings and this one is labeled "Circa 1840, Lobdell Store, Building and Zoning."  What a beautiful job!  

Town-wide revaluation will work for everyone:  The town revaluation is complete.  This will not increase overall taxes.  It will better reflect relative market values and make the distribution of the current tax burden more fair.  See the town's website, Departments, Assessor, here  http://northsalemny.org/assessor/assessor-home  for more details.

Public access TV station coming soon ,....NOT!  As part of our franchise agreement with Cablevision we now have equipment and connectivity for our own public access TV station.  Three years ago several students, with the help of our town historian and the historic preservation commission, produced five programs under the guidance of resident Paul Friedman.  We have yet to see them aired.  

Single-stream recycling and E-waste recycling:  Forget sorting!  If it is recyclable, toss it into one container!  It's so easy.  Also, according to law, e-waste such as computers, printers, mice, cables, remotes, cameras, radios, VCRs, phones, power tools, TVs (including CRTs) and all other electronics can no longer be thrown in the garbage and must be recycled.  They must be taken to our special E-waste bin, currently located at the new courthouse.  Stop by the town clerk's office to get the key.

CAC is focusing on education about invasive species and will conduct inspections of conservation easements:  The CAC posts information about the threat of invasive plants, viable substitutes and ways to remove invasive plants safely and appropriately from wetlands and other areas on https://www.facebook.com/northsalemcac.  They have also been authorized by the town board to assist the building department in the annual inspections of the town-held conservation easements.